The Power of Intention (a primary)

It’s amazing, it really is.

The Avatar® Materials teach a powerful tool for creating your life deliberately. In the tools, it’s called making a primary. In broader terms, it can be viewed as stating an intention or a goal with full and complete conviction.

Sometimes, at least for me, it’s scary as hell to state your primaries out loud, to actually create them with your words, your energy, intention and conviction. But when you do make the primary, when you do…. the magic that happens is incredible.

This year, I made the primary: I review the Wizard Course with the full support of my family. I first did my first Wizard Course in 2004 and this is my long-awaited first review.


Not only did creating the primary open a path to making Wizards 2014 a reality for me, it happened in a way that gave me an opportunity to look at my own viewpoints and examine what beliefs I have been operating through, beliefs that I didn’t even know were there. Beliefs that were limiting my life.

The lovely side-benefit (grace!), that is now occurring, which prompted me to write this post, is that two of my brand-new clients have emailed me in the past two days to tell me that they want to pay me in advance of my doing work for them. Money that more than pays for my travel and lodging expenses on my adventure to Wizard’s this year. Now, how cool is THAT?

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